Gerard-life_klein.jpgAs a professional system-scientist I have a passion for evolution, philosophy of science and for pondering cultural and technological developments. During my research I happened to come across a modern -scientific- version of the ‘scala naturae’, nature’s complexity ladder. This ladder was called the ‘Operator Hierarchy’. It bridges the gap between the evolution of the physical and the biological world. Using this ladder, I have been able to suggest innovative answers to long standing open questions in science and society.

My intentions with this website are to offer everyone an easy access to recent developments in hierarchy theory, system science and evolution theory. Most of the ideas that you will find in this website have been published in peer reviewed international journals. The ideas you may find in this website were developed over many years, based on a masters in plant protection (Wageningen University, 1986, Cum Laude), a PhD in Ecotoxicology (Wageningen University, 1993) and a PhD in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (Radboud University Nijmegen, 2010).

While I have a passion for science, I also like to give lectures, to guide students, to go on holidays with my family, to discuss life with friends, and to paint, sculpture, make photographs, play the piano and read books.

"Art Explores Evolution" and the "Scala Naturae" project

One of my hobbies is art. Coupled to the major theme of the book 'Evolution and transitions in complexity' an art exhibition was organized in Forum and the "Scala Naturae" was installed on the campus of Wageningen University. The topic of the exhibition was 'Art Explores Evolution'. The exhibition was realised in cooperation with the following artists:


Artists involved:

Marie van Vollenhoven (hadron)
Raymond Cuijpers (atom)
Line Kramer (molecule)
Cole Verhoeven (cell)
Jacco Olivier (multicellular)
Jeroen Hofhuizen (endosymbiont)
Andre Kruysen (endosymbiont multicellular)
Jeroen Kuster (neural network organism)
Rudy Klomp (future memon)
Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis (the 'ladder')
Additional information about the artwork at display in "Art Exploring Evolution" can be found in this folder (in Dutch).
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Photographs and paintings

A humming bird near Flagstaff (click here for more pictures)

chlick here to see more of my paintings